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About John Martin

John martin is essentially a certified accountant who is a graduate as well. He graduated in Marquette University and he has spent a good part of his life working in manufacturing companies. He later started to consult with several clients, most of whom were from manufacturing companies and other governmental corporations. John Martin’s story begins when he was first invited with his friends to a Bible study group. While they were studying the Bible, they discussed several parts of the Bible. Once they were done with the Bible studies, John Martin began to study the Bible on his own.

He was particularly interested in the book of Genesis. One thing that drew him the most to the book is the fact that he believed that the book supported pro-life. According to math, life begins at conception. He spent much of his time going through several verses trying to see how it presented the math problems involving conception. He applied his belief that motherhood, fatherhood, and childhood all begins at conception. He also believed that a person’s age is counted once they are born. However, he felt that thinking this way wouldn’t solve the math that was revolving in his mind.

Most of the people who read the Bible believe that everything written in the Bible was all written by God himself. John Martin also thinks about the story of Joseph and he is attracted on how the story is presented. He says that he wondered multiple times why Joseph’s age was to be memorized. The age is repeated almost four times in the Bible. According to him, the word life is used to show the time counted from the time someone is born moving forward. However, according to John, numbers supposedly lead to facts. In a nut shell, he believes that by combining mathematics and terms, he would fully prove that theory is a fact according to genesis.

He says that as soon as he began studying the book of Genesis, he began to notice some numerical signs. However, he says that since they were only signs, they did not have too much to prove. He linked both the new and the Old Testament stories as well as the numbers displayed in these books. He also did a lot of math based on both the old and the New Testament. He also compares the time that God appeared to Abraham and the time that Jesus ascended to heaven. The Bible says that Abraham was 99 when God appeared to him. On the other hand, Jesus was 33 when he ascended to heaven. When we compare these values, we are left with 3. He also links this value to the three unnamed visitors who arrived when God left Abraham.

John Martin spent a good sum of time studying genesis on his own. He later saw the need to look at parallel stories generally from the book of Genesis and the entire Gospel at large. He has a project that need to be reviewed by some of the best professors.

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